Forget that overwrought Jungle Book remake – Adam Green’s reimagining of Aladdin is the best movie of the year so far. A 21st century ~renaissance man~ perhaps best known for his former role as half of the Moldy Peaches, Green is also a talented singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, artist, writer, filmmaker, actor and longstanding locus of passionate lust (at least for *cough* some of us). His interpretation of the classic Arabian Nights tale is being released worldwide tomorrow and it is every delicious bit as unusual, psychedelic and quintessentially Adam Green-esque as we’ve happily come to expect.

Inspiration for the tripped-out Aladdin fable draws heavily from Green’s own experiences as an artist based in present day Brooklyn. So what does this have in common with the hijinks Aladdin, Jasmin and the Genie got up to in the original version? “I could look at the Aladdin story and think: ‘What would a modern-day princess look like?’ The answer was: like a Kardashian. Then the lamp could be a 3D printer and the genie could be like Siri. Aladdin is based on me, so I made him an indie rock singer whose label is dissatisfied with him”, he explains.


Rolling Stone described Green’s film as being like “Fellini on ketamine”, which is actually not hyperbole: his previous film, The Wrong Ferrari, was written on ketamine and filmed entirely on an iPhone. It is a masterpiece. It also shares many of the same actors and celebrities Aladdin does–Macaulay Culkin, for example, had the starring role in The Wrong Ferrari and appears again here albeit in a less major role. Aladdin also stars Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development, Natasha Lyonne from Orange is the New Black and the timeless But I’m a Cheerleader, as well as Devendra Banhart, heartthrob Har Mar Superstar, celeb-spawn Zoë Kravitz and many more.


Adam Green’s magnum opus will be receiving a worldwide release beginning tomorrow, but is already available for download in the US through iTunes and Amazon, along with the soundtrack to the film. Adam Green is currently on tour in the UK, which instead really should be DK, but we can’t all have our Green and eat him too.

Or can we? Hey Genie?…Rub-a-dub! ?