Pizza’s god damn delicious, i think we can all agree on that. Sadly for anyone trying to keep their figure, an average slice of pizza has so many unhealthy ingredients in it and is chuck full of those naughty calories. That’s why i’ve made a list of the healthiest triangle shaped foods that will trick you into thinking you’re eating pizza!

Watermelon Pizza

This one is the perfect party idea! Cut a fresh watermelon into triangular pieces and top them with fruit. Bananas, berries, kiwi an maybe even some nuts – it all works! Invite people over to sample your much healthier pizza and prepare yourself to be slapped in the face for lying to them. Hey, it’s still pizza to you, and you’ll have it all to yourself when they refuse to talk you for serving them that.


A Triangle of Cheese

There’s no need for this to be boring, go out and buy your favourite low-fat cheese and treat yo’ self. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to cut some beautiful triangles to be arranged on a plate in a circle. Take this trick to the next level by broiling the cheese triangles to get that familiar melty sensation. This is just like pizza but without the heavy dough. Almost good enough!


Diagonal-Cut Rice Cakes

Get your sharpest knife and carefully cut each rice cake diagonally to get that beloved triangle shape. This is just like the crunchy pizza crust but without all the creamy sauce, melty cheese and good taste. You could even add on the slice of cheese, but carefull! you’re one ingredient from actually eating pizza.

A Piece of Kale Cut Into a Triangle

Kale is the superfood of the century! Try cutting it and baking in the oven for extra crispiness Add a little garlic salt for that extra pizza flavor!


Homemade Tortilla Chips and Salsa

Tortilla chips have basically done all the work for you, they’re like a thinner smaller version of baked crust. What really makes this work is if you keep the salsa off the ends and crawl into a fetal position while chanting “This is pizza”, “This is pizza”.

I haven’t yet met anyone who doesn’t like pizza, but summer is already here,  so if you’re looking to cut back on the carbs, dairy, fat and joy of life, then try these sad triangular treats instead! Ideal for any fun-deprived occasion!