If you are heading to Spot this weekend don’t miss the chance to see the talented ‘Tom and his Computer’ live. He has just released an excellent EP called Small Disasters on Anders Trentemøllers label In My Room where across 4 tunes he turns the cinematic and soundscape atmosphere up to the maximum, sidestepping any unnecessary ambient noodling and never sacrificing the insistent, addictive drive of the rhythm.

As a very familiar figure behind the decks in Copenhagen once upon a time it is no surprise that some of the impeccable taste and crafty style he displayed then is also evident here. There is a confident flow to these tracks which recalls both deep club music as well as distorted indie motorik and lo-fi elements .  The musical instinct is surefooted in bringing several disparate elements together confidently. The EP is characterised by a big, warm, upfront bassline sound, coloured with psychedelic touches and echoed notes where washes of distortion come and go and voices refrain into synth lines. These are robust works that bring anarchic sonic elements and different signatures to reign and set them in motion towards a world where psyche guitar, soundtracks and a range of electronic frequencies are brought together in a distinct, personal sound. We are already looking forward to hearing more more of what Tom and his computer cook up !