As part of the recent “Eggshibition” gallery show at the Orchard Skate Shop in Boston, Brian Delaney chopped up some the heaviest hitting #EggsReport Instaclips from the past year featuring the notorious spot. Enjoy this 12 minute edit highlighting the high life of the Eggheads.

Featuring Gavin Nolan, PJ Ladd, Dana Ericson, Ariel Perl, David Milliken, Dillon Buss, Flatground Matt Gattereau, Brian Reid,  Curt Daley, John Wisdom, Andrew “Squeaks” Whittier, Liam Annis, James Nickerson, Emmet Bleiler, Brian Delaney, Zeb Weisman, Devin Woelfel, Will Mazarri, Nickodem Rudzinski, Benny Goldman, plus an assorted cast of characters.

Filmed and edited by Dutchie, additional filming by @EggsBennyG

The Eggshibition in the gallery at the shop contains photos by Ray Echevers, Liam Annis, Alex Gagne, and Dan Zaslavsky, and will be on display until early May.  In addition to the photo exhibit, Ian Browning took the task of putting together a written narrative of the development of this iconic skate spot.  Ian’s words are combined with photos from the boys and assembled in a 48 page softcover book / glorified ‘zine which you can buy copies here for $9.99 + shipping.  All of the proceeds from the sales will be used for supplies to keep the spot skateable.

You can also read the full text over on the SmlTalk site.

Endless thanks go out to New Balance Numeric for supporting this project, and to all the heads holding down the spot.

P.S. Delaney now skates for the shop.  Welcome to the team fam

words by: Armin Bachman