Bruno Belissimo. Bruno BELIIIIIIIISSIMO. I mean, that name’s a sensual mouthful if I’ve ever heard one – and one that makes you expect a whole lotta sizzle from the music he makes.

Luckily for us, the Italian/Canadian producer’s latest track, “Pastafari”, definitely delivers on the sizzle front.
The 6 minute track is a smoldering chunk of Italo Disco, which quite successfully achieves Bruno’s purpose of ‘communicating the beauty of the Italian heritage’. And beautiful it is: just try to listen to this without imagining yourself sashaying down some Roman street, Aperol Spritz in one hand, a cigarette in some bejewelled cigarette holder in the other. So yeah, the Italo Disco vibes are fully on, but Bruno keeps it from meandering into anything kitsch. The track gracefully builds with cool, laid-back layers of drums and synths as it goes along – even the liberal use of saxophone seems to slither in at all the right moments.

“Pastafari” is the title track of Bruno’s self-titled debut album, which officially drops tomorrow. In the meantime, savor this luscious lil’ aperitivo and let those La Dolce Vita fantasies blossom.