Mariah Carey played at Forum here in Copenhagen a couple weeks ago as part of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour. We didn’t go and have regretted it every day since. To console ourselves we decided to watch Mariah’s hour-long extra-special Cribs episode from back in the day.

For context, Cribs was a show on MTV (from back when MTV was fun and not entirely irrelevant), the premise basically just being celebrities and musicians giving a tours of their ridiculous houses and mansions and whatnot. Mariah’s presentation of her “fabulous abode” outdid all the others, however, which is quite a feat given that celebs like Destiny’s Child, the bunnies of the Playboy Mansion, and Redman were also on Cribs. Hers was the most watched and perhaps most memorable episode of the show ever. It’s cla$$ic Mariah: she takes a bath in a towel (iconic), shows off her lingerie closet (a walk-in closet just for lingerie), exhibits her butterfly guest room (“I feel like if I show my bedroom then what’s left for me?”), introduces her pets (which then attack each other), changes outfits 1,000 times (“ensembles”), uses her stairmaster in four-inch heels (“I can stand here and look at New York, things of that nature”), shows off her “Moroccan room” (which she named her first born son after), and so on.

Weirdly enough, Norway has also attempted to create their own version of Cribs, called “Kåk”, and our buddy Skatebård was featured on it. So here is Skatebård showing you his kåk; it doesn’t really compare to Mariah’s, but he does have a nice selection of cheeses: