When it comes to design, Kasper Nyman is a jack of all trades. The self-taught Copenhagen designer kills motion, video, photo and graphic design. But he’s also a massive basketball fanatic We picked his brains on creativity, courts around the world, and sandwiches.

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NBA Graphics

You are more than a one trick pony. Are you self taught?

My path to where I am now is somewhat different from others. I skipped highschool and started at graphic design school straight after primary school. At the age of 19, I finished my education and from the ages of 18 to 26 I’ve worked at digital agencies. It was beneficial in terms of understanding the business, the people, and the challenges you face within graphic design. I tend to get bored easily, and after working 8 years full time it was time to change the scenery and embark on new challenges. So as a freelancer I became a motion graphic designer. I’m self taught at motion graphics, video, and camera – and luckily there are so many directions to go within animation that I never get bored. The crossover from being a graphic designer to animator was tons of fun. I loved that I could bring everything static I’ve done to life. My previous agency, Konstellation, was extremely kind to give me multiple opportunities to play with motion graphics and evolve.


Your project, Cities of Basketball documents basketball courts in major cities. Which court in the world has the most memorable story attached with it?

The one that immediately comes to mind is Rucker Park, in Harlem, NYC. The shear magnitude of history and the legendary basketball players who hooped at that court is amazing. However, to me, the is one that stands higher then the rest is unfortunately a court in the city of Los Angeles that years ago to turned into a parking lot. I remember watching Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle battle it out in White Men Can’t Jump from 1992 at that court. Imagine my disappointment when couple of years ago I visited Venice Beach and found out that the White Men Can’t Jump court has moved and now is one big flat boring square of concrete. What a shame.

Mount Tabor Park, Portland OR

Do you have a specific home court in CPH that you love?

It use to be Israel Plads, until the City of Copenhagen redid the whole place and it just lost it’s street vibe. Today it is Fælled Park. It is where most of my friends and the best players in the city tend to play during summer time.

Tietgenkollegiet, Copenhagen

What do you think of the new Space Jam movie?

For me the 1996 Space Jam with Michael Air Jordan is the bomb. Hell, I still have the poster, jersey, toys, and VHS tape. But it’s a smart move by the movie studio capitalising in on Lebron James’ popularity with the youth of today. Because to them LBJ is what Jordan is to me. A basketball superstar that rises above all. But of course it will never be the same as the classic Space Jam.


Which American city smells the worst?

I’ve travelled to New York City a number of times, and during the summer Manhattan gets a decent funk going. Some European cities can’t compete for that title. But I have to say, it’s Los Angeles during summer time. They need some really huge Wunderbaum trees or something.

Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL

In your own collection of home goods and shoes, you are known to make your own one offs and posters. What about custimization is important to you?

I love it. It’s where your personality really shines through. Whether we talk shoes, home, office, clothing etc. Especially today when the sneaker game has gone mainstream, it’s is getting harder to separate yourself from the crowd. And that’s where customisation has huge potential. And now with NB1, NIKE ID, miadidas, YourReebok and likes of those, it really opens up a playing field of opportunities to express yourself creatively.


Which Sandwich best describes you?

A BLT, because of its minimalism.


Advice to young creatives?

What worked and still works for me is making sure I got time for personal projects between client work. Those projects is where you really shine, can experiment and grow. I think that often that young creatives fresh out of school are too worried about not having the right clients on the c.v. When I started as a freelancer I only showcased my personal projects, but they showed my skills and to this day those projects are still getting me jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some major brands around the globe, and it helps for sure. I’m just saying there is no reason not to make what you love and what you’re passion about.


Any concluding words?

Work hard, play harder.

 Brooklyn Bridge Park(Pier 2), Brooklyn

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