So it’s Monday, which is generally kind of a bummer. However, we’ve got a lil’ something to help you relive the possibly techno-heavy vibes you indulged in this weekend: a new mix for Copenhagen’s BunkerBauer series, courtesy of the mysterious auteur Bent Hugo.

Ok, maybe he’s not that mysterious: Bent Hugo is actually the moniker of Mikkel Sönnichsen—a young dude hailing from Jutland who is the co-founder of Copenhagen’s Concrete Lab, a studio and record label that puts out rad electronic music (think Coco Moon or Asta Fall). His mix is the 19th edition of the BunkerBauer podcast series and it’s quite the lethal addition to their repertoire. Heavy on the hardcore dance vibes with some smouldering trancey dips to boot, it’s the kind of thing that’ll get you aggressively head-bobbing in front of your computer screen as you start fantasizing about your next party session in a dank warehouse somewhere. Start it off at the 20 minute mark if you really want to ignore your current existence and dip into an imaginary sweaty techno pit driven by ruthless, infectious techno.