‘Victorious’ will be the second ever Floorplan album and thus, already looks like an exciting follow up to 2013’s ‘Paradise’, which was truly victorious in terms of conquering the hearts of many DJ’s and fans.

The album, which will be released on triple vinyl/CD and digital formats is preceded by the single ‘Music’ b/w ‘Tell You No Lie’, which is due on April 29th .
Recently Hood has once again revised his take on Techno of the minimal kind through the ‘Paradygm Shift’ project on Dekmantel but on ‘Victorious’ it’s back to interpolating House, Disco, Funk and Gospel into a new structure. Furthermore Robert has brought his daughter Lyric on board, which hopefully will turn out to be an interesting addition to his already masterful presence as an artist.

Until the album is released, I’ll leave you with the following statement from Hood attached to the album.
“We live in a world filled with adversity, The key to surviving and even thriving in this era of uncertainty is knowing how to walk in victory. The truth is we are more than conquerors. We are VICTORIOUS. Floorplan”

‘Victorious’ will be available on triple vinyl, CD and digital on June 10th.

Victorious CD Tracklist:
1 Spin
2 Music
3 The Heavens & The Earth
4 Good Thang
5 He Can Save You
6 Mm Hm Hm
7 Ha Ya
8 Tell You No Lie
9 Push On
10 They Can Tell
11 Sun In The Sky