After playing at Roskilde Festival this year, the name Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation started to appear more and more. It’s safe to say that it was a good year for them, especially now with the release of their debut album called “Horse Dance”. With Josefine’s upcoming gig at Ideal Bar in Copenhagen in January next year, I met her for a quick and dirty Q&A session.

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Josefin, would you rather describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert, and why?

I think that I have a strange contrast with that. I’m a very private person and I might seem introvert. But as I’m putting my self on a stage and showing my work and art to the public I guess it’s a rather extrovert action.

What’s Josefin like on stage and in real life? Are there any (major) differences?

In real life I guess I can be very dreamy, but on stage I feel a very strong energy of the present.

What’s your least favourite thing to talk about in an interview?

Haha. Hard question.

What was your first memory that includes any form of music or when did you first come in contact with music?
I think one of my earliest memories is of a roadtrip with my dad and we listened to Harvest , the Neil Young album. The scenery and the movement and everything just came together and I felt that magic that music has.

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I’m talking to a lot of musicians and for a lot of them, it is hard to put their feeling of their music into words. Do you feel the same?
Yes. I feel the same.

If you don’t write/record music, what do you do? What and where is your favourite space?
I love to travel. And making art. It’s both visual. I guess I really love to be visually stimulated.

Is there anything that you regret in life?
Yes. There are things I regret. I wasted time on meaningless things when I was younger, I think I regret not being more aware of the speed of time.

What’s your advice for a happy life?

Not trying to please and fit in. Do your thing. Do what you like the best.

What is something people don’t know about you?
I don’t think many people know that I love to wakeboard.

How would you finish this sentence? “Girls are awesome…”
…cause it’s the natural state. Girls are half of the earth’s population so naturally all girls are awesome.

Thank you Josefin!