Donna Queertronix presents Unholy Halloween is a full on experience of twisted sisters teaming up for Halloween 2015 on Friday, October 30th at Spillestedet Stengade

According to the event makers the individual artists on the night, each one of them represent a certain area and aspect of unusual music.
Check the links and the descriptions below:

Shanghai’s hard techno high priestess weaves noise and hardcore traditions into nightmare patterns

MOUSE & NO NAME (live)
Art gabber by the French sibling queens of European hardcore

Transcendental dark cortex porn deep into your bones and all the way back to space

Your favorite techno witch has risen to hex you

Channel centuries of oppression into a feminist anger ritual. More details soon

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To warm you up, here’s an advance teaser interview of sorts, that I’ve done with Mouse & No Name.
An interview that is to be extended into a more in-depth version shortly after the event has taken place, but for now, just read on below. (Special thanks to Pauline De Keers for translating from French to English)

KB: What triggered you both to start creating your own personal take on music and could you please tell us about your relationship with Fischkopf Records from Hamburg?

M&NN: There are several things we can say to answer this question. We actually both produce music since we are 13. Fischkopf is therefore only a short episode in our career… Even if Fischkopf’s renown allowed us to have a worldwide influence.
Things became more accessible at the beginning of the 90s. From those years on we evolved in the “techno” scene. We produced for a number of different labels such as FRAKTAL, KARNAGE, HOMICIDE, FISCHKOPF, UNDERGROUGROUND PERVERSION, ANTIKORE, REVERSE and DOOMNATION…
From the earliest days we went through numerous musical genres. Our music has always been both electronic and often industrial… Until the end of the 80s, when you would produce electronic music and especially “industrial”, you would come across as a space alien. During this whole period we were part of several bands and performed often.

KB: Is there a deliberate and thought out concept behind the blend of Hardcore Techno and more art-orientated music that is present in your own works?

M&NN: It is very hard to answer this question. Actually, we create music at the whim of our imagination… And there are many things that inspire us, just like a lot of other artists: our life story, experience, environment… Truth be told, our main sources of inspiration are the movies and the news….
Why hard music? Maybe to express what is most intimate, profound, maybe even most painful… But it is a privilege to be able to express it….
Does it remain to be seen if our music is an art form??? For us, certainly!!!!! For an uninformed public, maybe not?

KB: It has been a good while since you last released something. Do you have any new music coming out soon?

M&NN: Actually yes we are going to release several productions. We have given the label HOMICIDE two tracks for a compilation with other artists such as MANIAK, MIDDLE M or TROISIEME DOIGT…
Then, we have several ongoing projects with the DOOMNATION label… It is with great pleasure that we wonderfully work with Will (Ben La Kore), who is really open minded and humanly remarkable. He single-handedly managed to federate many and varied talents… And we think that it is DOOMNATION’s greatest strength.
We thus wish to release unreleased creations that will surely please the people that follow us since the 90s. But we also have a lot of very recent pieces that several labels are already fighting over….
But it goes without saying that DOOMNATION will have priority, because we owe so much to Will…