After winning last year’s KarriereKanonen, things have gone pretty quickly for Keep Camping. In the beginning of this month, they released a series of new tracks that go by the name “Be There”. I have listened to it carefully and made up my own mind about it.

Before I hurt anybody’s feelings, let’s just state one thing: I’m not a music critic – at least not trained a one but it’s safe to say that I have a pretty strong opinion on music.

To be honest, I haven’t heard of Keep Camping before. Call me ignorant or just not focused enough on what’s happening in the Danish music scene at the moment. The first tunes of “Be There” mixed by Danish producer Frederik Carstens make me imagine a night scene somewhere on a rooftop with fog in the air. Sounds a little kitsch? It might be the somewhat-kitschy pop tunes that created this image; though, paying attention to the actual lyrics, it seems like they come from a deeper place, which makes them instantly more sympathetic. This honesty about finding your place in life and all the emotions connected to this inner struggle draws through the whole EP and makes it easy to connect to the band on an emotional level. Their innocent but aesthetically sounding tunes are more than just that – the mix of upbeat pop and electronica and danceable tunes is full of energy. As the band itself puts it “the music is upbeat and deeply rooted in a punchy and at times brutal depth, which sonically will punch you at your core.”

But before we influence anybody’s opinion too much, check out the EP yourself.
If “Be There” is exactly what you’ve waited for, buy tickets to their live show this Friday, the 23rd of October, here.