Swedish multi-creative Philip Liljenberg has a better moustache than most. He likes punk rock and when not drawing aquatic creatures or running his agency This Is Scandinavia, he’s taking photos. Here’s for our 6th instalment of Sure Shot we expose Philip’s lack of selfie-focus and an enviable lifestyle. 



1. an analogue film fuck up from a great vacation with the boys in Tuscany a few years back. Love this shot cause it’s
broken and reminds me of a great time.

_22. William Hall, Ollie in Barcelona. Love this shot cause I love clean ollies.

_33. A picture I took when I was hiking in Grövelsjön last year. I love that feeling when you hiked up hill all day and finally at the top
you take up your camera to snap some flicks.

_44. I picked this self portrait cause I’m ego and I love that I look like an idiot on it… Fair enough?

_55. This is a pic from a shot I did with the band School ’94 in Gothenburg, Sweden. I don´t know,
I’m normally not a fan of band group pics, but I like this one.

_66. I was on a boat towards the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm last spring with some friends and I had my camera around my neck, set to a weird setting and I just took a photo and I love the movement in the shot. Reminds me of a great night at Gröna Lund with lots of beers.

_77. Helsinki. I was wandering an early morning in Helsinki a few years back alone, trying to find a museum when I passed this playground / football field and I remember thinking damn this city is grey during winter haha.

_88. NOFX. I’ve shot Nofx live a few times but I always had a thing for this shot. Fat Mike and El Hefe are making jokes as always and I think this pic really shows that they love what they´re doing. I mean otherwise they wouldn’t still be touring.


_99. Aaron Buzas – BS Smith, Barcelona.
Just a super smooth trick on a super fun trip I did with Swedish Skate retail chain Hollywood to Barcelona earlier this year.


10. Moon.
I always been a fan of space… And I remember sitting on my balcony drinking beers and watching the the moon a lot of times when I lived in Zurich… We´re so small on this planet… Crazy!