UK-born bass Techno man, Benjamin Damage, is set to release the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Heliosphere’ on his label of choice, 50 Weapons.

According to Damage, the new album is a distillate of all the music he has ever listened to and taking the title into consideration, as well as listening to the album. it also makes very good sense.

‘Obsidian’ is a rapid-eye encapsulation of these inspirations formed into a sturdy sonic formation of coarse soundscapes with a distinctive nod to the pulsating escapism of Detroit Techno daydreaming.

Benjamin Damage surely heralds the classic goodness of hypnotic space Techno championed by Mills, Hood and other innovators but he avoids sounding bland despite the references at display. The album homogeneously shifts between metallic Techno, sunrise anthems and lush Electro stylistics with muttering pads. All in all it sounds very mid 90’s, somewhere firmly placed on the Detroit/UK axis of the time.

Best tracks are the mournful vailing on the Derrick May-inspired ‘Vostok 6’ and the fragile bursts of ‘Tetrapod’ with those fine and mutated melodies signed by The Black Dog.

‘Obsidian’ is out on 50 Weapons tomorrow.