21 years after the first and so far only Coopers release on Kimmo Rapatti’s DUM label, Jukka Kaartinen & Rapatti join forces again for their second output ever.

I guess you can say that this release is both futuristic and retrospective at the same time but thanks to a freshly structured sound design, which doesn’t try to emulate the past in a plastic way, all three tracks come across convincingly and, gulp, honest.

‘Indian Acid’ is summery and positive; an immersion into the last bits of sunshine playfully reflecting on the surface of the countless lakes of Finland. It seems like the Coopers boys set out from shore to go on a serious salmon fishing mission with a 303 in the bag and this became the result.

On the other hand, ‘Ixam’ is one ferocious, beaver teeth grinding jam, in ecstatic analogue delirium. Think earlier Mono Junk darkness and you should get an idea, where this is heading. Gloom’n’Glory surely seems like an appropriate description here.

‘Maximal F aka a 12:34 minutes restrained roller coaster ride with endless, repetitive sonic musters completes the mental clusterfuck and I expect to see at least a good number of dingy ravers in spasmodic state, getting killed slowly by this. If not, the the sun will do the job.

With love from Finland!