This year’s edition of Strøm Festival sees another addition to the ever-expanding offers and activities taking place during the festival.

It’s now possible to sign up for a sales stand at the fair, which will be situated around the lake of, bang in the middle of Enghaveparken. Can’t be easier, really.
The market is for everyone, but Strøm encourage local stores, labels and producers to participate and take advantage of the opportunity to showcase the healthy and lively music environment in Copenhagen. Furthermore, for the convenience of buyers, it’s also desirable that sellers leave the generic garbage at home and instead bring some interesting music to the fair. No one wants to sift through tons of mediocre records, so please respect this.

Sun? Rain? Electricity Don’t worry, Strøm provide pavilions to protect your babies from Mother Nature, electricity makes it’s possible to set up listening posts if you want and it’s even possible make advertising by bringing your own customized banners to the fair.

Full info and prices over at Billetto