Doomtree is a great act from Minneapolis. They are comprised of some of the most talented and intelligent hip hop artists and DJ’s. They played Avalon on Thursday to a modest crowd who seemed a bit unfamiliar with the band and who were already three sheets to the wind. But Doomtree still brought some good American soul in their performance. We caught up with P.O.S. before the show…

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Pos+TropkillaMike pre-show


***I N T E R V I E W ***

Being in on this European Tour, what do you miss most about home?

Aside from family and close friends, which is obviously number one. Mexican food.

The Mexican food sucks here.

Mexico is too far away. I like being in Europe. Aside from those things, I really enjoy travelling. I really like being around different cultures, people, and languages.


Do you have a favorite European city?

Berlin. Berlin has been top-dog since the first time I went there. It is always my favorite place to go.


How does someone gain your respect?

More in more, I find respect in people that are exiting that time between high school and your early twenties that are going after their art. There is a point in your life where you gotta make that decision. Am I going to go after it? Does it feel right? Or are am I going to find something more stable and steady? Either choice is totally admirable. I find respect in anybody that can make the right choice and the one that makes them happy for longer in their life.

It’s the grind either way?

If someone comes up to me and says they’re a Word Processing Specialist at some giant corporation and they seem super bummed about it, then that sucks.

But, if they say they’re a Word Processing Specialist at some giant corporation and they’ve made peace with their life and find time for cool hobbies, and they still enjoy their life, then that is just as respectable as someone that chases their art down and live in a cardboard box.


Any words of wisdom for those stuck in a creative rut?

If you’re chasing fame and recognition, you’re going to ultimately find it’s not worth it. You have to be chasing your own personal goals. What makes you happy as a person, internally. If you can be alone with yourself for an entire day, without freaking out…If you don’t have to reach out to friends, or technology, or complain about something. If you can handle yourself. Your life is going to be better than if you’re chasing some glory, ‘cause that shit doesn’t exist.

It’s a façade?

It’s all work. You gotta be happy. Nothing is going to make you happy except for you, and your attempt to do it.


So if you were to get a Chinese character tattooed on you what would you get?

Hahaha, I have one. I got it when I was 14. It says harmony.

Is that based on music?

It wasn’t music based when I got it, and it really isn’t now. When I was 14, it was a really silly tattoo but also a ‘buddy tattoo’ with a friend of mine. Me and Mike have the most tattoos in our crew. We both have a ton, whether they’re big and meaningful or really stupid. We have cartoon clouds barfing garbage and they say ‘Barf Bros’ underneath.


What was the last thing that made you say ‘wow’?

Driving in Germany for the first time. It made me really want to come back and rent a car and drive through the country.


In your song, ‘How We Land’ the lyric ‘Worse things have happened to better people’… is that a tragic hero reference?

 That line is way simpler than what you’re thinking. It just means worse things happen to better people. For me, that was my kidneys failing and knowing I had to get a transplant. I could have either bitched about it and have a horrible life and let it ruin my shit. Or, I could realize worse things happen to better people, and they made it through it, so I am going to be fine. And I can just go about my shit the way I have been going my shit. I feel like the entire huge process sucked and took a whole lot of time out of my life and plans. But ultimately, it had to happen, and I couldn’t stop it from happening, so I am not going to bitch about it. So that line means don’t complain about your situation because you still have it better than a lot of other people.