To me it seems like AV AV AV and Bitchslap have been friends for forever.
It’s an all too easy trap to fall into with friends who are doing good things. Writing in depth articles that are too long and difficult to connect with an international audience, that’s never heard of three Danish lads… living in Copenhagen, who just happen to love making electronic music together.
Bitchslap caught up with ELOQ (August), UNKWON (Anders) and DJ E.D.D.E.H (Martin) a few ass tightening hours before they performed their inaugural Roskilde gig.

_MG_3943B: Roskilde Festival are continuing the habit the danish media have of calling you an electronic… Super Group! Fuck’s up with that?

ELOQ: To us it’s just a phrase, a label that every media seems to put on us, and we understand that individually, as our careers are going well and we’re being appreciated, when we join forces, maybe it’s just an inevitable part of the game.

UNKWON: I just hate the word Supergroup.

DJ E.D.D.E.H: We were dubbed a supergroup before we’d even put any music out. When we publicized we intended to form a band together and it was called AV AV AV… I think SoundVenue immediately said ‘Great News!, Danish Supergroup forming’ and we were still in the studio making… really shitty music together… (sustained shared lol).

ELOQ: The good thing was that when we announced we were working together, just that news made record companies contact us and although that was a little weird to start with, it obviously helped.


B: You’ve all got part DJ /part producer blood coursing in your veins, but when did buying records become thinking about making music, or playing it to a dance floor?

ELOQ: Well… I don’t think I can speak for us all…

DJ E.D.D.E.H: You can’t.

ELOQ: OK!.., for me it was just loving music, digging for it and sharing it with close friends, then you suddenly get the chance to try DJing…

B: Your sisters 16th Birthday in the back garden?

ELOQ: Ha!… well then for me it was another DJ friend who noticed I had a lot of records and just asked me if I wanted to join him and hang. After you’ve experienced the feeling of sharing your favourite music with other people and they like it… it sticks.

DJ E.D.D.E.H: That’s what gets you hooked…


B: When you think… shit… people are really dancing

ELOQ: Yeah… that feeling when you think… shit… look at their faces, it’s a real drug and I think it takes a real music lover to go through with it.

DJ E.D.D.E.H: When I was 14… I was always the one sitting by the CD player at parties, putting on Alanis Morrisette (much lol)… no but… isn’t it ironic… (continued lol) …but no.. in all seriousness I just remember always trying to get better music on the stereo, I think a lot of people can relate to that.


B: I’ll fight anyone who says turning up at a house party with the right AUX cable in your pocket is automatically a douche move.

UNKWON: It’s just thinking… this could be better… and there’s nothing wrong with that, really it’s all about why we make music._MG_4177


B: So tell me more about that tipping point moment when making rather than DJing became a reasonable idea?

DJ E.D.D.E.H: For me it was the other way round, as in from a good foundation of records I began sampling and producing, way before I thought about DJing. At that time, I was playing in a hiphop crew and the four of us would slip the money evenly, 25% each, whilst the DJ would get the same amount of money for himself…

B: and you thought… I need that extra bank!

DJ E.D.D.E.H: Hell yeah!

ELOQ: Same with me, in terms of producing before DJing professionally, but really your goals change with each step, or little success, so originally our peers played in the basement at Rust in Copenhagen, so we thought ‘if we play there… we made it’, and then we played the main stage and thought shit… now we need a new goal to aim for, so it’s been a natural and initially slow process.

B: Between us, baby steps… is a Bitchslap Mag mantra.

UNKWON: It’s just updating, refreshing as we go.


B: You’ve been on the road a bit, doing some dates…

ELOQ: On Tinder…

B: Haha, ah yes… the trappings of fame.., but in all seriousness it’s an ancient tradition…, musicians touring the world, sharing songs and stories. I don’t mean on a national level in terms of being Danish, but do you feel you’re representing something more than the band, in terms of contributing to a a musical genre, with such well developed roots?

DJ E.D.D.E.H: It just goes back to the idea of ‘it can be better… this party can be… better… and in some way that’s what makes it special for us, collectively, because it’s not just one of us up there, we rely on each other sharing the same vision.

ELOQ: Totally the same vision, about how best to express the music to people, because we have such a good time making it… being such good friends… it’s good fun to show people that this is what comes of enjoying a creative friendship.


B: Three voices, one unique flavour.

UNKWON: yeah hygge flavour!…

ELOQ: We’re just having fun… and trying not to think… this is our time!, and I love that about us…, it really is about thinking… I’m a little nervous… but today will be fun, so whatever.

B: It’s sweet for Bitchslap to be around you lads right now.
The shared sense of WTF!…, we’re just about to do our thang… on a big ass stage at Roskilde…., coupled with the shared feeling of contentment I sense from all of you… enjoying each others nervous optimism.
It’s a journey that’s worth documenting and I’m already looking forward to the next time.


AV AV AV’s first Roskilde gig was a triumph and (from my slightly pissed memory) had an over riding theme of me dancing like an idiot, whilst laughing out loud. One really sweet experience was when an unnamed genius insisted everyone crouch down, as low as possible (which almost the whole crowd did), before suddenly jumping up in time with an ear splitting bass drop.
That set off the mosh pit, which must have been

I’m looking forward to when AV AV AV are feeling slightly nervous and a little outside of their comfort zone again, because from Sunday night’s Apollo experience, I know that’s when they really make the magic happen._MG_3938

Photography: Nicolas Dalby