Raster-Noton co-founder Alva Noto takes up his “Xerrox” concept after a 5 year hiatus and five is also a number, which plays a pivotal role here, as he has planned five releases in the series.

If you expect the usual binary transmissions of impulses that has been a trademark of Raster-Noton for a while now, you will perhaps be disappointed, yet enlightened also, as the label has released many other things recently. Just think of the albums Kangding Ray or Dasha Rush and I’m sure you’ll know where I’m heading.

“Xerrox vol. 3” is a highly emotional affair and also very personal. This is ambient soundscapes of the rumbling, bass-heavy and fratting variety, which perfectly embodies the “subtitle” of Xerrox Vol. 3. Carsten Nicolai is on a mission to discover the newfound lands inside of his mind and does so by in a way that is totally his own. At times, the similar idea of tone colour akin to that of Thomas Köner seems to be prevalent but Noto does it in combination with the addition of harmonies and rhythmic structures. This is achingly evident on the quaint beauty that he paints so masterfully on “Xerrox Isola”, where subaquatic earthquakes, droning hums, etheral choirs and a muffled vibraphone intermingle to create a breathtaking whole.

According to Noto, with this album he has aimed at creating an interpretation of the childhood impressions he obtained watching such movies as “Solaris” and “The Mysterious Island” by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. This is how Carsten Nicolai has successfully managed to direct a vivid and highly movie that only exists in his own mind… and now yours too.

Alva Noto “Xerrox vol. 3” will be released on March 30th via Raster-Noton and preview the album here