We caught up with our old pal, Crista Leonard, to see what she’s been up to in Barcelona

Crista Leonard
Crista Leonard

Hey Crista, long time no see what’s been going on lately?
Oh hi, it has been a long time you’re right. I’ve been pottering about in Barcelona, hanging out in the Andorran snow in the winter time and making a magazine, called Philistine

Sounds like a great way to get rich quick. What’s it about?
HAH! Magazines, the source of all fortunes eh? It’s a magazine about interiors, people, art, but mainly beautiful, decadent, sumptuous, unusual, historical interiors. I love to discover homes and imagine who might have lived there, what may have happened.

You shoot a lot of black and white. Tell me about that. 
I do? It depends on how I imagine a shoot I think, sometimes it just doesn’t suit being in colour. 

Crista Leonard Bitchslap
Crista Leonard Bitchslap
Crista Leonard Bitchslap

But then again, your tumblr is more colour. 
Yeah now I’m just confused.

What is it about film you love?
Its depth.

Do you shoot digi?
I do, more and more because I would like to harness all photographic expressions.

I love to discover homes and imagine who might have lived there, what may have happened.

Do people know where Andorra is?
Scandinavians always do, the rest of the world not so much. Some people in Barcelona don’t even know where it is. It’s between France and Spain, on the Barcelona side. 

What unique thing do you think you have from growing up in Andorra?
A split personality and a vivid imagination! On the surface of things Andorra is another mountainous region and so I’m lucky to have been exposed to snow, hiking, nature and mountain barbecues, but what makes Andorra interesting is it’s an actual teeny tiny country, with three languages and an exciting history (wikipedia) which even if you don’t personally have any unique features, it makes you feel pretty unique. 

Nowadays everyone’s a model-blogger-dj. Are you a photographer-blogger-fashion designer?
I’m not sure how to feel about this question, especially since I’ve recently taken up a bit of the old dick jockeying (I jest). No I am a photographer with an interiors magazine!

How did the relationship with Element kick off and where is it at now?
We fell in love at the Bright Tradeshow in Frankfurt some years back and now we’ve made a clothing collection together. 

(see our snapshots from the Bright Tradeshow here)

Did they just make a collection and tell you to put your name on it, or were you fully involved?
I was fully involved but of course it was very much a shared project in which I was able to put in some of my own personal vision. 

Crista Leonard Bitchslap

Why weren’t you in Berlin? What’s more important that hanging out with us at the bar?
I really miss that place, I’m not actually sure that there is anything more important than hanging out a bar with you quality people. I’ve lost my way.

2015 is the year of honesty. Give us a nugget of honest and unheard truth. 
I didn’t get that memo. Um, it’s bloody hard being self-employed, especially in the creative field in which you’re constantly plagued with confidence crises.

Thank you for that.
You’re welcome. 

What’s one thing you would change about yourself if given the chance?
I think I would be a bit taller, but then again.

Don’t go changing Crista.

(originally printed in Bitchslap Magazine issue 24)