With now 21 years experience in the fine art of creating music, one will naturally expect John and Paul Healy aka Somatic Responses to know a thing or two about said artform.

On “The Motor of Decay”, spanning over 15 tracks, Somatic Responses gives us a stylish presentation of listening music with an edge. Compositions that both require the listeners attention and at the same time allows you to drift away in a beautiful state of daydreaming. Perhaps the 16 minutes long “Fear chasing hope (Zombie Subway)” best summons up the concept. Suspense, hope, fear and relief all intertwine in a sonic cataclysm, which you fortunately manage to survive (for now).

Although the first half of the album is a beatless hybrid of drones, listening music and Dark ambient, one of the famous trademarks of Somatic Responses manage to shine through for the first time on “Stare Contest”. Broken distorted beats and muttering drones emerge from a distant engine room, first in a slowed down and tense manner but then explodes violently and propeller towards you with a petrifying momentum. “Stare Contest” also happens to be me favorite track on the album as it’s a composite of all the best things related to Somatic Responses.

Listen to and get the album via the player below and remember to appreciate the work by paying what you believe it’s worth.