This IARU Global Summer Program, supported by Asian Dynamics Initiative, presents students with a unique opportunity to experience urban culture in theory and action in Copenhagen from 10th to 22nd of August 2015.

Photo: Flemming Bo Jensen.

The masterminds behind this impressive initiative are as follows:
Rasmus Christian Elling, who has been involved with all things music related to rave and club-culture in Copenhagen since the mid 90’s, as well as Strøm Festival and the Prags Boulevard 43 co-creative community have all teamed up to launch a summer school on urban culture in theory and action. The overall aim is to reach students globally in order to get them to Copenhagen, get hands-on experience and learn how they too can reclaim their cities from mindless “development”. Urban Culture in Theory and Action are now taking applications and its open to all MA students around the world.

Read the full description on the Copenhagen University website and check for further updates on the UCITAA Facebook page