Tudor Acidt aka Richard Wigglesworth will be releasing his debut album on March 30th via the self-owned Tudor Beats imprint.

If you like me, have followed Tudor Acid since the first releases you will instantly notice the remarkable artistic transition and development that Wigglesworth has accomplished with “Chronial”.

The storming album opener, which is “Conci”, drifts away with crispy broken beats and soaringly beautiful lead melodies that immediately makes me think of of Black Dog ex-member Ed Handley’s Balil project. The Electro-esque “Gain 8” ponders away with muffled snares that are constantly filtered, short stabs or hi-hats are the subject of meticulous change of volume and thus, noticeability. Finally the fragile synth theme is perfectly paired with droning basslines, which creates an ongoing suspense throughout the track. “Persephon 5” is a surely a friendly nod towards the weighty bassline excellence of Stefan Robber’s Terrace project as well as the crystallic shimmering found on Amsterdam label 100% Pure’s early releases.
As we proceed with the full-on listening pleasure, we find the elegantly acidic swirls, backed up firmly by auspicious chime sounds and finetuned pads, which breaks my heart towards the finale of the track.In other words, it all goes full circle once again from what Black Dog has initiated and then put into a modern day context.
Tudor Acid is not about pleasing the ears all the time though and the game changer of this album, is the wriggly madness of “Proke”.
Acidic squelches combined with wistful, dissonant themes make sure that Tudor Acid lives up to the “Acid” in his name and if I may say so, makes the track awesome too.
“UL404” is set out to be album closer for “Chronial” and does the job very damn well. Electro patterns, elongated organ emitted tones and dusty percussion welded together in a lustful mess over 12 minutes.

“Chronial” is not a masterpiece as such, the sources of inspiration are too evident in the music but it’s still an album well worth having due to the level of arrangement, conduction and personality.

Released March 30th via Tudor Beats but you can already preview the album on the Tudor Acid website