The UK’s finest exponent of all things gritty, The DJ Producer, is never short of a project or two, which translates into high-caliber productions saturated with creative ideas and captivating DJ-mixes.

The next project in the pipeline, entitled “Revise, Deploy, Annihilate!”, is an elephantine album of revised The DJ Producer tracks on which, he has gathered only the very best of his Industrial Hardcore peers to mangle no less than 17 tracks from the archives.
“Futurepast” is the only entry here, which is new, pristine and original material directly from the source, so to speak. However, the global legion of professional butchers surely have put a massive effort translating classic Producer tracks into an unique vision of and on their own.

Sure these are big words but first and foremost let me say this.
Just have a peek at the ridiculously astounding tracklist below, make sure to check the Soundcloud teaser and oh, this beast will be unleashed via The Third Movement on February 26th.

1. That Guitar Track (Mindustries Revision)
2. Doomsday Mechanics (Promo 3D Revision)
3. Completely Real (Fracture 4 Revision)
4. The Last Great Overdose (Ophidian Revision)
5. Problematic Frequency (Deathmachine Freq Edition Revision)
6. Last Man Standing (The Outside Agency Revision)
7. Centrifuge (N-Vitral Centrifrack Revision)
8. The DJ Producer – Futurepast
9. Underground Funk (Xaturate Revision)
10. Afraid (Igneon System Revision)
11. Out Of Control (Negative A Revision)
12. Quite Safe (Detest Revision)
13. Positive Outlook (Dolphin Revision)
14. The True Creators pt.3 (Hellfish Dedicated Revision)
15. Renegadedrumashe3en (Akira Ill Acclaimed Edit)
16. Knowledge (Grandpa Drokz Serial Killer Knowledge)
17. The DJ Producer – Something (Even) Stronger

UPDATE: “Revise Deploy Annihilate” has now stormed the digital salescharts on Juno and is currently the most sold title in all genres. Who would ever have thought that to be possible for music as intense as Industrial Hardcore?