This might very well be one of the best mixes you will hear all year.

I already imagine to myself the possibility of some people thinking “Yeah, yeah, that damn protagonist and purist of all things obscure and what not is at it again”, but fact of the matter is that this mix is conceived with meticulous precision and detail.

The DJ Producer pays tribute to one of the most important figures emerging from Brooklyn back in the days and the distinctive sound that was the result of New York’s Freestyle music, Detroit Techno and Chicago House merging into something fresh and new.

Frankie Bones became a spearhead of this new sound which would inspire an entire generation of producers and ravers on a global scale. Moreso, the sound of Brooklyn would become the foundation of the Bleep, Hardcore, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass and Hardcore Techno music coming from the UK in the following decade.

As for the mix, it’s made with love, respect and drawing on references to the editing skills and aesthetics of i.e. The Latin Rascals, who in the 80’s made a name for themselves with a number of incredible edits and megamixes. All of which were made in an way yet unheard back then. Now we’re on the cusp of 2015 and The DJ Producer throws his own particular definition of editing in the mix at us with ease.

In other words, you are obliged to soak up this 45 minutes of sonic goodness and walk down memory lane after the jump.