After a fairly lenghty operational break, Teal Recordings breaks the silence so-to-speak with its ninth single release, which reportedly has been sold out at most stores already.

Thus, everything seems lined up in terms of future and further recognition for the Copenhagen via Bellinzona label. With this well-timed return to the spotlight, Teal kicks back with a 4-track affair, which features entries from Detroit’s acid maestro Jared Wilson, Matti Turunen of Morphology and the reclusive A Sagittariun.

Opening this Pandora’s box of multifarious goodness is A Sagittariun with the sharply accentuated and protrusive breakbeat stormer “Gravitational Push”. It’s pretty much the perfect marriage of bittersweet, wailing Detroit Techno vibes and early B12/Warp sounds.

Jared Wilson gives the shiny silverbox aka Roland TB-303 a break on “Spice Flow”, which in turn gives us a modern take on the Sheffield Bleep sound of sorts. Garnished for maximum morning glory with some of that weird variety of Trance that the Viennese posse like Patrick Pulsinger etc. brought to the table back in the 90’s.

The B-Side belongs to Matti Turunen who’s excelling in all things Electro on his own and as a part of the Morphology duo.
“Substellar Object” is modern space Electro you’d know from Event Related Potential aka Gerard Hanson. Fratting basslines, glorious, melancholic pads and crystallic strings plus grainy drum patterns aggregates an altogether victoriously sounding musical body.

“Apoapsis” aptly winds the whole shabang down in regards to tempo and momentum. Gassy synthesizer fragments shimmers along and so, you cannot resist the immediate urge to put on your scuba diving gear in order to explore the colourful world below surface.

Teal 009 is out now in both physical and digital format, so cop it via Bandcamp after the jump!