Luke McMillan aka The DJ Producer upped this particular track to his Soundcloud earlier this week and possibly the best thing about it? It’s a free download in wave quality for sheer audiophile enjoyment.

Initially “U Aint Fresh” was made as an exclusive dub for the 2013 edition of Dominator and an overall, and obviously, highly effective weapon of rig destruction.

Based around the classic old skool jam from The Boogie Boys, both B-boys and people from the “core” side of things will enjoy the Deathchant Records Hip Hop-fuelled variety of Hardcore Techno but with all of the modern finesse you could possibly desire.

In the words of DJ Producer: “a sly message to all those that think they are “Down” but really ain’t down……no mate — YOU AIN’T FRESH!!!!!!!!”

In terms of conquering new ground, Industrial Hardcore is doing extremely well these days and for further proof of said statement you also should nab the Deathmachine freebie “Hallucinations Of Mendes” here. This particular rehash is a rendering of The DJ Producer & Deathmachine’s “Hallucinations” and doomy Hardcore/Metal rockers Disciples Of Belial’s classic “Goat Of Mendes”