Anstam took the World and myself by absolute storm, when he released his now miletone and dare I say, revolutionary debut album “Dispel Dances”.

It was and still stands as a full body of frantic work, which in its perfectly conducted manner, succeeds in interfusing a abrupt mixture of Dubstep, Prog Rock and Techno into a musical mammoth of high grade frequencies. Two years later things has changed for all of us and that applies for Lars Stöwe also. “Names” is a new playground for the vocal-based endeavors, which Anstam seems to value so highly in the process of full-filling his personal vision.

For the third album as Anstam, Lars Stöwe fully implements the vocal the vocal touches, which were already more present on “Stones & Woods” For me personally I’m not sure if it’s a development that I can fully appreciate, as it constitutes a more distorted audible element to my overall perception of the music. That being said, the general aesthetics, unique artistic expression and musical eloquence of Anstam remain unquestionable. With a high level of arrangement complexity and vigorously exuberant nature of each entry here, Anstam maintains his status as one of a kind on the worldwide musical map.
This might be an album, which gains Stöwe a new following and leaves fans of the instrumental output with mixed feelings.

For now I’m content with the heavenly instrumentals of “Muscle Memories”, “Fragments Of The Good Old Days, “Terry Has Got It All” “The Obvious And The Impeccable” and the cheerful “Patrick, Frank And Joe Are Chasing The White Rabbitoh”.

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