The belgian label Token celebrates 7 years in existence with a compilation, which gathers a wide range of artists associated with this specific type of Techno.

From everyone’s favorite gingerbeard DJ, Rødhåd, over Luke Slater, Lucy, James Ruskin to danish CTRLS and sonic S/M specialist, Surgeon this is a present depiction of a label enjoying a lot of attention from a broad range of DJ’s and music enthusiats alike.

In terms of stylistics the general identity of the compilation lays within the post-minimalistic excursions with distinct references to the desolate dryness of Sähkö and Sleeparchive, which is most successfully achieved on Ø “Insectoid” and Lucy’s Lucy “Sana Sana Sana Cura Cura Cura”. Obviously there’s other things to be discovered here and why not immerse yourself into CTRLS’ pot lid bashing “X, Y” or enjoy the uncompromising battering on the best track of the compilation. Surgeon’s “Fixed Action Pattern” is just that and stomps through the gates of Berghain with more precision than a North Korean military parade. This is one “Fixed Action Pattern”, which would definitely put a sardonic smile on The Great Leader’s face.

Apart for the tracks already mentioned, the overall submissions to this compilation aren’t overly exciting to me personally but surely will be considered enthralling and magical by others fond of today’s Techno.

“Aphelion” will be released via Token on November 3’rd.

Full tracklist:
01. Ø [Phase] – Insectoid
02. Lucy – Sana Sana Sana Cura Cura Cura
03. Ctrls – x.y
04. Rødhåd – Haumea
05. Planetary Assault Systems – The 808 Track (Parts 1 and 2)
06. James Ruskin – No Trace
07. Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern
08. Inigo Kennedy – Arcing
09. Karenn – Pace Yourself