If you missed R.A. The Rugged Man at Vanguard then you must have heard stories of his performance. He got the crowd pretty riled up for a Saturday afternoon. Actually he provoked it. And caused a bit of a ruckus on stage, and off. After the show we caught up for an interview.
ra_bitchslap02Photos: Nicolas Dalby

Did you like riding around on a Christinia Bike yesterday?

I provoked the audience by saying ‘Riding those bikes is…Dangerous!’ It’s a comedic joke to get the audience to relate to the song. The streets of Denmark aren’t dangerous.


But you managed to break your foot in Germany?

You do a couple hundred shows every couple years and sometimes you get a POP, and the next thing you know you got a softball size injury popping out of your bone. But if you break two bones in Germany, it doesn’t cost that much. If you break your bones in America, it’ll cost the kitchen sink and the house.


Do you have a favorite European city?

I like the way Vienna looks. I like other cities in Austria. I’m in love with Berlin. I like Aarhus or however you say it [pronounces it pretty flawlessly]. I like Copenhagen…a lot. London is a good city. I like a lot of cities over here.


In the song, ‘The Renaissance’, you say, ‘I’m Ice Cube before he turned soft and went Hollywood’. You’re a film buff. Have you ever considered acting?

The town of Hollywood is Fake. Phony. Frauds. It is the most disgusting place in the world. There is a way to be Hollywood, and not go ‘Hollywood’.


Do you pay homage to some of your favorite movies in the music video of ‘Definition of a Rap Flow’?

Well no, those weren’t my favorite movies, those were the iconic 80’s movements. I was putting as many 80’s icons in it. Ya, Ghostbusters is hilarious, but it’s not my favorite movie.


You’re a journalist too? What do you think of Nardwuar? 

Nardwuar is creepy, in a good way though. He’s good at his job. But when I got interviewed by Nardwuar he knew too much about me. Like, ‘How the fuck did this maniac figure that out?’ He just asks everybody about everybody. After the cameras were off he asked me about New York and [in Nardwuar voice] Oh have you have seen Jay-Z around. Nardwuar is an unsolved mystery.


Time for my favorite question. What sandwich best describes you?

A nice fried Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. So I got the Greasy, tasty, shit going on. And then I got a little bit of the health food too with the lettuce and tomato.


Eating healthy. Is that your secret? You’ve outlasted all these rappers?

I was before everyone, and I still get better. And a lot of people get old and their songs get lost so many years ago. I am still making new classics for the youth.


What about a ‘Dangerous Three’ Album?

You know a lot of fans ask me, Yo! there should be a ‘Dangerous Three’ Album. Brother Ali, Masta Ace, you, and produced by [Mr.] Green. I’d do it! I think it would be fantastic. But I never approached Ace or Ali about it. I am working on my new album first.


What’s the next step? R.A. The Family Man?

I am going to pop out some triplets. Get some triplets in my girl.


Well ‘cause the odds with my family…there a lot of handicapped and retarded people in my family. So I figure if I have three, two will be normal and maybe one will be retarded [laughs].

Do you offend people when speaking less ‘Politically Correct’?

I can say whatever the fuck I want. And fuck them all in the ass if they get mad if I make retard jokes. I mean they don’t even know any handicap people. Half of my family was destroyed by a chemical that the government spilled on us, so I’m not down with them…don’t be the world police. They don’t do good deeds. I do good deeds, so if I want to make a joke or two, I can make a joke or two. The people who are getting their feelings hurt aren’t the actual people. It’s the people that want political gain. They want to stand up against something simple just to look heroic. But the real thing to do is stand up against something that will make them less popular. The real heroic act, is to stand against something that will fuck your career up, fuck your name up, that will make you enemies.


What about the future of rap?

Hopsin is a good dude. He’s talking about his faith in the Ill Mind of Hopsin 7, and I had something very similar. It’s coincidental, but I had to lay off my track. I like what the Funk Volume guys have done; Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, there are a lot of good kids. But there are a lot of whack kids too. And it’s not their fault. They are raised to think its ok to be whack. They grow up thinking that is ok to be horrible, that you don’t have to be a real rapper, that they just need to be floss. French Montana comes out saying, ‘All the lyrcists are broke rappers,’ promoting not being lyrical to the children. Meanwhile all the lyrical rappers are around for 25 years and are touring the world for 25 years. Take Masta Ace for instance. So where are the broke lyrical rappers? There are broke lyrical rappers just as there are broke whack rappers.


Your work is actually pretty academic. Do you read a lot? 

I read books. It might sound surprising to somebody. I am going to make some tea…you want any?

Nah. Thanks though.