Day one of Trailerpark Festival was a great time for all. Lots of Copenhageners showed up and got down on the smooth music and epic art installations. Always funny to see how people react to the art installations at Trailerpark, drunk people are silly – Sarah Riisager and Jesper Nørbæk were there to catch the action

All photos by Sarah Riisager and Jesper Nørbæk:

1__7310054-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 2__7310033-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 3__7310019-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 4_IMG_9418-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 5_IMG_9426-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 6_IMG_9429-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 7__7310029-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 8__7310037-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 9__7310058-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk 11__7310060-Edit_by Sarah_Riisager_and_Jesper_Nørbæk