It was hard to miss the 100 meter graffiti mural that faces the Orange stage at Roskilde ’14. What was harder was tracking down the artist behind the piece. HuskMitNavn, (‘Remember my Name’) is the acclaimed anonymous Danish artist responsible for this 41 character treasure. He was kind enough to take a break from painting and chat with us about his work…and his favorite festival food.

huskmitnavn_rf14_peterstanners_003Photography by Peter Stanners

Bitchslap: So is this the largest piece you’ve done?

HuskMitNavn: I have something bigger, but it was only outline…that was also here. I have also done a library in Copenhagen, that was also kind of a big project. It was a different role, and this is probably the longest.


BS: How do you keep your anonymity at such a large festival?

HMN: I am just looking at the wall, so people only look at my neck. (laughs) Staring at the wall all the time…I do have to think about it. I’ve painted here about 15 times…maybe more.


BS: But you’re huge on Instagram. I am a huge fan of your drawings. How do you use social media to assist your work?

HMN: Well I used to do these free giveaways, or hide a piece somewhere like a scavenger hunt. I thought it was fun, but people got so nasty and rude. I am never giving away anything for free again (laughs).


BS: Your latest home goods project is the ‘Never Too Late’ clock. Do you have any maxims or sayings you live by?

HMN: There’s plenty of stuff that’s too late (haha)…I am never going to be good at football and shit, but I don’t care. I actually haven’t seen it (the clock) live yet.


BS: You grew up only a few towns over in Taastrup, are these your stomping grounds?

HMN: Usually it was only the kids from Roskilde that went and grew up here. I never went here with my parents. It was much smaller in the 70’s and 80’s. It used to be mostly Danish bands but we had Bob Marley in the late 70’s.

BS: Ya that was 78′

HMN: Ya, 78′, I am going to stick around for some bands. Go back and forth you know.


BS: Favorite festival dish?

HMN: It used to be really cheap and really bad, but it’s gotten a lot better. I always like Pølser.


BS: You had an exhibition at Storm P. Museet last year. Can you talk about that space?

HMN: Well, it was some idea that I had for a commercial gallery, but you can’t really have a drawing room in a commercial gallery. I had it my sketchbook with this idea, waiting for a museum show. Museums like when kids come around and it went alright, I did these characters where the kids could engage the work and put up their drawings like a tattoo on a sailor, for example, they’re kids though, so they just put them up everywhere.


BS: What sandwich best describes you?

HMN: When was younger it would have been anything with sausage…and leverpostej. Those were basically the only two things I ate for 8 years or something. But right now…actually, one time when I worked here, many many years ago the food was so bad, but the only thing I ate was chopped coriander (cilantro). A full week of just chopping that. I haven’t eaten it since. Every time I smell it I almost puke, it is like when you get drunk for the first time on a certain type of booze and you never drink it again. That is what Roskilde festival did to me, I can never eat that. (laughs)


BS: Thanks so much, any last words?

HMN: This is my last week before going on holiday, so I am pretty exhausted. I am looking forward to doing this and then taking it easy.