After 1000 miles of driving through Italy for the Mille Miglia with Jaguar and Jaguar Heritage, we sit  and discuss the race and bond between Bernard Kuhnt (Regional Director of Jaguar Land Rover Europe) and Milow (musician) at the concluding #JaguarMille dinner.
Above: Milow and Bernard heading through the Tuscany
Image courtesy of Jaguar

From day one they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other in the stunning C-Type 70XVK



Bitchslap: The two have given each other nicknames while being partnered for four days, so what are they guys?

Bernard: Giuseppe/ Giovani …[gives fist bump]

Milow: Bernardo/ Il Direttore (The Director)…We are also ‘Team Europe’ the actual team that is from Europe, the rest of the guys are from the UK but we actually represent Europe.  (Milow being from Belgium, Bernard, from Germany)

bernard_milow_jag_mille_bitchslap02Image courtesy of Jaguar

BS: What were some challenges you guys faced along the way?

M: Well as a musician, I need my ears, so I had my right ear plug (when I was driving) and some times when he talked too much, the left one too. (both laugh)

but Friday was a long night after covering 15 hours. And you cant make it up, you get in (to Rome) and your like it’s been 15 hour and you still have two more days. But it is still really rewarding when you come into the center.


BS: And they have added an extra day this year?

M: The evolution of the track was amazing. Thursday you just go, but espresso really helps (chuckles). It’s perfect for a race, you can take a five minute break.


BS: How did you guys decide to take breaks?

B: This isn’t my first time doing the Mille Miglia, I know that you rest when needed. We were driving past a restaurant and signaled to them a table for two. By the time we parked the car, we had a table right by the route and could see the cars right in front of us.

BS: Are you serious?

B: I can’t make it up. (shows a picture of the little table on the side of the road)

M: Everyone was very friendly, we stopped by a pizza place so I could charge my phone.

B: (Teasingly) How do you spell wimp?


BS: I mean it’s still a challenge. We were in a covered F-TYPE Coupe and still it was exhausting.

B: Yes, Friday night it rained, and it is the longest night. You got to deserve Saturday.


BS: And your exposed to the elements… even no radio?

M: He was my radio.

B: (Singing) You and me…You are the one.

bernard_milow_jag_mille_bitchslap03Image courtesy of Jaguar


BS: Bernard you’ve done 3 Mille Miglia now. Anything advice to the novices?

B: You get through by adrenaline. You keep saying wow what is this. The countryside is more social, more smiles. It’s simple, and warm.

M: Every time we got into a city, they would offer regional gifts and treats. The car was getting full. I tried eat what I could…It was unbelievable, very nice, and generous.


BS: How did you get into the mindset to take on this feat?

M: Bernard told me weeks before the event that this is going to be unforgettable.

B: [in Nat King Cole voice] Unforgettable…