We took part in the Mille Miglia. It was amazing. And thanks to Jaguar, we got to ride in the new F-TYPE Coupé supercharged V8 that was released only a few weeks before the event. With 550 horsepower, 4 days of driving around Italy, and an open-race with celebrities, pizza, and navigation books. We have some stories to tell.


After arriving to Brescia and eating a great Italian meal at a local restaurant, we checked into our hotel (that soon became to feel that of a home base). After quickly dropping off our bags, off  we went to experience Vehicle Scrutineering at the Fiera di Brescia and met up with the celebrities participating in the four-day challenge. Fellow racers and colleagues were paired with their classic cars and consisted of ‘Team Fast’ (Martin Brundle and Bruno Senna – riding in a long nose Jaguar D-Type), ‘Team Fun’ (musician Example and wife Erin McNaught – XK120), Team Famous (Jay Leno and Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum – XK12o), Team Crazy (AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and writer Mark Dixon – C-Type) and the overall winners, Team Gorgeous (model Jodie Kidd and SAS-novelist David Blakeley – XK-120)*. Other teams included journalists and members of the Jaguar community, and an extensive Media Team who rode in the F-TYPE Coupés (designed by Ian) in a convoy of nine.

jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap02Heritage cars lined up outside Fiera di Brescia. These classics are principle to Jaguar’s identity


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap04Jay and Brian Johnson laughing about how big their jackets were the first day


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap05Jeremy Irons is a Badass. Testing out the XK-120 OVT 325 with Charlie Turner, Top Gear magazine’s editor-in-chief



The following day, and the proper kick-off to the race began with a ‘Sealing Of The Cars’ in the Piazza della Vittoria, Brescia. Open to all the public, this event became a bit of a zoo. Bruno Senna and Brian Johnson became swarmed by fans, but thanks to the amazing Jaguar Team everything was managed with ease. One moment, I couldn’t even take a picture of Bruno, the next, we were joking about the extensive salami spread at lunch. By evening, it was time to meet our ‘not so average cubicle’ and join in with the gang for the start of the race.

jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap06Ian was always in good spirits, flashing a smile to us while mobbed by press to the point of standstill


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap07Example and wife, australian model, Erin McNaught, head to the start line


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap08Couldn’t decide what was more delicious, the pizza at this restaurant or the F-TYPES all lined up. We were in the Polaris White one


So we were off! A copper-detailed ignition started up the beast, sounding like a bear who ate a bee’s nest. Not only did this car look good, it felt good, and sounded good. We drove into the sunset and ended the evening in Padova. The next morning we took the road all the way into Rome. Rome was less of a destination and more of a pit-stop as an early morning start got us into Bologna by the end of Saturday. The drive was quite nice though, through the Tuscan hills and country side villages. We caught up to Jay Leno and Ian and all shared lunch somewhere near Siena.


Route Map


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap09The most exciting book I’ve read all year. One a day…and pretty complicated


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap10Our ‘lay-over’ in Rome, I think we spent about 8 hours in total there. Contrary to popular belief, not ALL roads lead to Rome, or at least to the hotel


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap11That’s a nice procession for a rustic Italian town


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap12Jay and Ian in Car 1 ahead in Tuscany


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap13Meeting up for a quick lunch


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap14We needed a break to ‘water the flowers’. Literally pulling off the road, but also took advantage to shoot the F-TYPE with some nice scenery


jaguar_mille_miglia_bitchslap15Example in Bologna at around 6:30 AM


The last leg of the race was from Bologna back to Brescia. 4 days later, 3 hours of sleep a night, and copious amounts of espresso and all I can say is ‘Grazie di Cuore’. I think everyone bonded over running off adrenaline, and a concluding dinner to wrap up the event, was a precious way to catch a breathe and reflect on the Mille Miglia 2014. Until next year…


Jodie and David ecstatically cross the finish in Brescia


*[h/t] Mikey Harvey via The Telegraph