The recent opening of Copenhagen gourmet Hot Dog restaurant, Foderbrættet sends our saliva tripping. We arrange with the friendly owner Michael that we’ll swing by and stuff our faces, kind of like our first ever food review. Why not? We like food and this sounds perfect – they have cocktails.

Hot dog enthusiast/photographer Steffen Wendt and long serving Bitchslap photographer Abdellah took a night at Foderbrætter to see what pork all the fuss was about. 


Steffen writes:

I find myself seated in a lovely wooden booth in the back corner of a restaurant. The lightning is somewhat dim and the interior is dark with a cool industrial touch. “Foderbrættet” is usually either a Danish name for a bird table or a incredibly popular name for a hot dog stand in the western part of Denmark. But this restaurant is truly something else. My lovely waiter tonight wears a denim apron, has a passion for ink and could easily be a member of the copenhagen pogonophile club. I respect that! Just like the interior, the drink card has no flaws: The vodka is imported from Berlin (no garbage vodka here), the draft flows with wonderful Belgian beer and the Absinthe is french-approved (whatever that means).

The Danish story of the proud “pølsevogn” (hotdog stand) dates all the way back to 1920. This shit is history!  Were I to compare “foderbrættet” to a traditional hotdog stand, the resemblance would be: none. These guys don´t care about history and neither do I. This is not history class, this is a serious food tasting review: gourmet style! Now let´s do this…



It´s a truly awesome thing to open a gourmet hotdog restaurant and I think, in my humble opinion, that we need more guys like these. Fuck trends and the dying hotdog stand bullshit ! Evolve! How cool is it to challenge the statistics and to come up with a completely new approach to the traditional hotdog stand experience. We should praise people who got the balls to be different and “foderbrættet” is all that. Balls and Weiners….in a good way.

The ultimate lover menu for 2:

Start of with two glass of champagne – Bonnet Launois: Les Palis for the man and Bonnet Launois: Rose for the ladayyyy.

Choose 2-3 hotdogs with topping of your choice (Russisk salad on top of your “Gris/pig” hotdog is a sure winner).

The menu consist of 4 main hotdogs: OKSE (Ox), GRIS (Pig), MERGUEZ (Lamb) and TEMPURA (Cod).

Side orders should be Fries and Majs (corn).

Then choose either two cocktail (Cucumber Kill and Red Neck Mom) or two tap beers (Grimbergen blonde).

Foderbrættet-6171 Foderbrættet-6159

Although we’re dealing with many ingredients, all hotdogs will be rated from 0-5 pigs. No question asked.

OKSE: 4 Pigs

GRIS: 5 Pigs (with russian salad)






Finish of with high fives, hugs and flirting.


Check Foderbrættet out here.