Robert Hood is one of the original Don Dada’s of the minimal variety of Techno music from Detroit.

Now residing in Alabama with his family on agricultural land and far away from the metropolitan hustle, which means Hood has plenty of time on his hands to devote himself fully to God and luckily, still Techno too.

After the overwhelming success and critical acclaim of the debut album under the Floorplan moniker, “Paradise”, (reviewed in the recent Bitchslap issue) Hood returns under the same guise with a three track EP. Title track “Phobia” is the sort of ravey trademark Minimal from Hood that will both make you pump your fist and meditate at the same time. UK Techno veteran Ben Sims filters his way through album track “Higher”, which leaves you with a metallic, bloody aftertaste. No harm done though and ultimately the stacatto organ and preacher man chants on “Glory B” solidifies Hood’s originality through his own vision of “Gospel Techno”.

“Phobia” will be released on November 18th through M-Plant but cop the previews below until then.