To have your own business for over 28 years takes determination, charm and a healthy sense of humour. Located on Rose Inn St. in the center of Kilkenny City D&R Antiques is owned by George Ralph, who reliably informs me that his antiques and ‘bric a brac’  emporium is the oldest shop on the street.

Convincing George that he should become a stockist of Bitchslap Magazine took less time than I’d imagined and I felt compelled to purchase some records from his choice selection of vinyl rarities.

I suggested to George that his longevity in trading came down to the fact that just like (one of my record purchases) Arthur Blythe, he ‘put a little sunshine’ into the lives of his customers.

So, here’s to another 30 odd years of George Ralph doing what he does best.
I’ll certainly  look forward to the next time I’m passing by and fancy some softly spoken, sincere geniality.