New Images is a series of short interviews with up-and-coming photographers who are pushing the medium forward. Too often we see images without thinking about where and who they came from – this is an attempt to change that. By giving photographers a chance to talk about their work, how they got into it and where they’re going with it we hope to bring a greater appreciation to some of the individuals whose images you’ll likely be seeing more of in the future.

What’s your name and where are you from?
My name is Alana Paterson and I am from the Pacific North West. Specifically The islands off of west coast Canada

How do you manage to find so many cool locations to shoot?
I just look up whats super cool in whatever area I’m travelling or living and go get it. I keep my ears open from friends and family too and whenever someone says something is super rad it usually is.

From the series “one young summer”

Do you generally plan your photos and series well in advance or find them as they come?
All my personal work is just totally random. I shoot it as it comes. The commissions are of course more planned out. I admire people who can plan out personal projects and stick to them. They are always so good. Hopefully I just haven’t found mine yet. I mean I have veins of interest but thats just part of my day to day as well.

From the series “clear water”

Where do your series names come from?
Some are taken from books or literature. Some are just how I feel about whatever was going on when I shot the series.

From Comune commission

How do you manage to keep the personal, everyday feeling of your photos in your commissioned shoots?
Hm thats a good question. I guess when I’m working with models I just try to get them as comfortable as possible just tell them it doesn’t matter and just have a hang out vibe rather then a business one.

From the series “i broke horses”

As one of the few women shooting skateboarding, do you ever feel like you’re intruding on a “boy’s club”? Have you experienced any barriers because of your gender?
Hm not really. I mean sometimes I will get dudes who thinks I won’t know how to shoot a skate photo, but its understandable. Thats like having a girl change the alternator in your car, even I would be like uhhh ok… I know its not that common so I just do my best to prove them wrong. And it’s not like I’m really trying to be a “skate photographer” anyhow. It’s just something I am around and can make a bit of money off from time to time. And as far as intruding…no I don’t feel like that.There are women in every “boys club” and I have been in this one for a long time. I put in all the endless hours at the park and took a hundred slams on geek tricks not worth slamming on just like everyone else. There are always dues to pay though, more slams to take more rolls to fuck up. haha.

From Poler Stuff commission

Why do you choose to shoot film?
A lot of reasons. So many reasons. For one it forces me to make choices and choose specific moments rather then shooting on rapid fire and editing it down in post. Thats boring and people can feel it in the photos. The quality of film is amazing. The depth and grain are so beautiful it gives me shivers. Plus if you shoot film people can tell. They value your images more just as you do because they understand the process you went through was far more organic (and expensive) then if you shot digital.

Alana – photo by Michelle Ford

Shout outs/thank yous/last words?
Yeah sorry I have terrible grammar and thanks to you guys at bitch slap! also to Mila Franovic who is my stylist extrodinaire and Gordon Nicholas the photo editor at Color mag. They are both champs.