Whipped past the almost-finished skate and multi park in Helsingør this morning to get an early look and check some lines. The security guard sitting in his mini red car wouldn’t let me in though – it must have been a boring 12 hour shift. Since I don’t roll with a zoom and wanted to get up close I came back a few hours later and met the supervisors – a lovely couple who are going to be managing the park and helping out the kids – who were excited to let me in to get a couple of shots.

The park opens 11/11/2011 at 11am.

This skatepark looks insane; The skate-ready part is mostly trannies but features small, medium, large and death-sized to keep everyone entertained for years. The unfinished bit is a series of stairs and ledges which looks set to be super rad once tiled up. There’s an huge parkour area, chill spots and an office one can only guess houses first aid bits and power for the stereo.

There’s a main stage for shows, they’re putting hammocks in the trees and a restaurant on the hill. From what I saw today DSB is going to start earning some money for once on the hordes of skateboarders who’ll be making the trip up to the park. Well done all involved!