Okay maybe it is not the official Moustache Day today, but wtf, it’s cold and rainy so we thought this might cheer you up, warm you up or just give you a bit of a tickle.

A free set of 50 vector moustache in AI & EPS format. Download right here.

Moustache for your dog! This sweetheart looks like Buster from Good as Gold

Here’s some dude on a couch from mischiefchampion.com

Tom Selleck – It’s a modern moustache masterpiece! Check The 35 Manliest Mustaches of All Time right here.

Moustache guidelines…

Wear a moustache and a pencil…

Moustache art from mad-keen.co.uk

Buy your own moustache at superfancy.dk

Love to the moustache freak! This Norwegian escaped convict look-alike is from our office. I’d say more beard then moustache though. (photo by Sune Gamst)