Remembering That Time Stanners Wrote About Istanbul

A long time ago, in the wee early years of Bitchslap, Peter Stanners–Copenhagen’s own Ben Affleck–went to Istanbul and wrote about it for our magazine. Given that he’s...

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Sunday Crappy Gifs

Return of the crappy gifs. Yeah, that’s right.

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Alejandro Melo’s Sticker Time Machine

Scraps, skateboard stickers, marbles, Draco Heads and now impossible to avoid Pokémon, were part of any childhood on the same level as fish sticks, scraped knees and the circa 1996 version of...

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Read Our Interview With Felix De Luca, Then Go Get His New Album

No stranger to the Danish rap game, Felix De Luca has been on our radar for many moons. But right now–with the release of his eponymous EP–we get the sense this little corn is about to...

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In Appreciation Of: The Triangle

The triangle has a place among the most under-appreciated musical instruments, but it clearly does not deserve this lowly position. In an attempt to rectify this unfortunate situation we have decided...

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Fashion, aka, The Day Of My Death

Gosha Rubchinskiy is one of the most important designers out there right now. His post-Soviet interpretation of fashion has been hugely influential and far reaching, and can already be observed in...

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Vinyl Moon Creates Unique and Beautiful Mixtapes

Vinyl Moon puts the excitement back into getting the post. Their simple concept based on mail-order vinyl mixtapes is taken to a level of craftsmanship you’ve not seen before. The man behind...

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Keep Your Weight and Intellect Light This Summer With Gluten-Free Art

It goes without saying that gluten-free is #trending. Gluten is so gauche! But what are you supposed to do if you’re into low-carb but also into high-art? Omg dilemma because in the days when...

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