Lovenskate x Tie Dye High Five

The good folks at Lovenskate have teamed up with our favourite tie dye brand Tie Dye High Five to create these three marbled skateboards, just in time for the dark season. Remember winter is coming...

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My first skateboard was the Powell Ripper. My topsheet was covered with strategically placed stickers and it had clear grip tape. Pink G Bones and fluoro yellow Gullwings. Shit was tight. So naturally...

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New Intimate Single From Cigarettes After Sex

I’m not going to advocate for smoking in bed. It’s dangerous. But you’re going to at least imagine having a fag while listening to Cigarettes After Sex. It’s music for beautiful people in...

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Hypnotic Brass Back With Heat For Your Cold

The mighty band of musical brothers 'Hypnotic Brass Ensemble' from the south side of Chicago return for their annual Copenhagen show this Wednesday at Pumpehuset. It is a sure fire way to annihilate...

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Meet Guidance, the Prince of Future Grunge

What happens when synth pop meets complaint rock? What happens when electronic music becomes disaffected? What happens when the overproduced polish is stripped away and the malcontent mood of our...

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Advanced Style is Back to Make You Wish You Were A Senior Already

"Age is just a state of mind" sounds like every other horrible piece of advice you get when you're going through an age-related crises, but there's never been more truth to the phrase than when...

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Digable Planets Blow Out Pumpehuset

Wednesday night at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen Digable Planets sounded like a new band, despite it approaching decades since they made their name first. After a fantastic warm up from Bobby Bovell and...

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Premiere: ‘Would That Make You Dance’ – The Liberty Balance

Some songs are just made for motoring along. "Would That Make You Dance" is one of them: a hooky, singalong, driving with the wind in your hair tune. It gets its first public airing here and is...

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