Sunday Crappy Gifs

New year, same old crappy gifs. Some things never change after all.

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The Flaming Lips Brought A Unicorn To VEGA

I’ve been warned about the awesomeness of The Flaming Lips. But through my initial skepticism over their latest record (Oczy Mlody) and the bands previous collaborations, I wasn’t sure what to...

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Bitchslap Musical Fruitbowl #8 – Jongpadawan

Perhaps my favourite of our Musical Fruitbowl mixes so far, this is Jongpadawan from SOUNDesc with his own shit, plus remixes of Felix De Luca, Ukendt Kunstner and more. Banging.

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Premiere: Línt’s ‘Trips’ is a Symphonic & Transcendent Bloodbath

Drawing elements from post-rock and trip-hop, Bergen's Línt creates the kinds of atmospheric melodies that both embodies and alleviates the seasonally affective ennui we're all dancing with at this...

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Lacey Baker’s Groundbreaking New Part

Not since Elissa Steamer have I seen such a force in women's skateboarding. This"My World" part from Lacey Baker not only elevates the level of technical ability in skateboarding, but style too. That...

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Laax Open 2017 All Zipped Up

Laax is nice yo! That's why we head there every year for the Laax Open and this year was no exception. Here's a little something for your eyeballs shot by Nicki Antognini. 

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Invitation to Opening Reception to Daniel van der Noon & Sabine Kongsted

Long last Sabine & Daniel have been developing their studio spaces for the past few months and are finally ready to open the doors. Today from 2PM at Grønttorvet 278 they will be hosting an opening...

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Fresh Video: ‘Nightwatch’ Bobby Bovell ( Kriswontwo Remix)

Bobby Bovell dropped another killer single, ‘Nightwatch’ with a Kriswontwo remix earlier today. Once again it's a tune. Bovell and Kriswontwo are a natural fit and both artists are flexing the...

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