Behind the A-Z: Erik Pontoppidan

Erik Pontoppidan is responsible for the illustrations of issue 29's "A-Z of Social Media Influencers" feature. If you try to google Erik your first result will be namesake Danish author, bishop,…

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This years' Vans annual snowboardingdays were held in Axamer-Lizum, Austria. Two buttery days of riding and drinking one to many every night. Highlight was the previously covered premiere of Vans'…

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Back in 2015 french brand ÖCTAGON shook the scene with their self-titled video. In the clip about a dystopian future, kept in black and white, the ÖCTAGON is portrayed as a totalitarian and…

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Laax Open 2018 Recap

I was expecting a classic snowboard contest but Laax Open turned out to be more like the snowboard-gathering of the season. All of your favorite riders are shredding the slopes. On top of that this…

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Bitchslap 29 Release @ Monarch Berlin

To celebrate the release of Bitchslap issue #29 "Headspace" we invited out to Monarch Club during Bright Tradeshow, to fill up said headspace with a couple cold ones. Djs Tereza and Christel Pixi…

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WhoMadeWho “Through the Walls” Interview

Today Denmark 's export hit WhoMadeWho release their new studio album "Trough the Walls". Busy bees Jeppe Kjellberg, Tomas Barfod and Tomas Høffding tackled every music festival that came their way…

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5 Minutes With Miles Silvas

Why film 2 years for a video part if you could get it done in 5 minutes? Miles Silvas does just that. Armed with a pair of adidas' new "City Cup" he bangs out a 5 minute line through deserted LA…

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Tanner Pendleton on Vans ‘Landline’ + Premiere Recap

Vans "Landline" was unveiled in packed Leo Cinema in Innsbruck, Austria, with the whole team in attendance. The monumental film featuring the global team filled the movie theatre's auditorium to the…

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