Joel Peck – That Moment

If your lazy ass lives in Berlin and happens to order pizza every once in a while, chances are you've opened the door to none other than Berlin's fastest delivery driver and photographer extraordinaire Joel Peck, who will most likely reinvest the pennies you call "tip" into a roll of color film. Shooting skateboarding for major mags, Joel is no stranger to the decisive moment and translates it into his street photography in a way that would make Cartier-Bresson proud. We talked to Joel about his home of choice, his approach on photography and the etiquette of editing skate photos. Enjoy this selection of .jpecks !

Watch Phil Evans’ Documentary “Saint Denis”

The film about Denis Lynn is finally online.

GIGGS @ DR Koncerthuset

The Landlord takes over.

Comic Citrone Art Festival – Contemporary Drawing and Painting

This week we’ve seen posters popping up in the city of a new art festival called Comic Citrone, which we had never heard of before. But the line up features an eclectic mix of great artists, from sign painters to comic artists, and from calligraphy artists to contemporary conceptual artists. We reached out to Marko, who is the mastermind behind putting this exhibition together, and talked more about how it all came together and what we can expect.

Dannie Carlsen’s Mahalo SG Release @ Wonderland

A study of last week's Bowl Jam celebrating Dannie's new shoe in still and moving images.

Dannie Carlsen cruises Wonderland in his Globe Mahalo SG Part

Peep the clip introducing Dannie's colorway of Globe's Mahalo SG made by Filmmaker Robin Pallier. Unique style and gnarly moves with the right amount of tech - Dannie is a beast.

Matt Littler – A Strange Journey

Surrounded by a sea of cut-outs, navigating towards an alternate reality inhabited by cycling birds and smiling cats.

IRIEDAILY x radio Paris Launch

"Berlin Amour Paris" or: If only spots could wave white flags.

adidas 3ST – Skate Shoes reimagined

You can skate these in shorts, pyjama pants, jeans... a speedo.

Frame of Reference – Sem Rubio

Frame of Reference exposes skateboarders’ unique perception of urban spaces from the viewpoint of internationally recognized skateboard photographers on their local turf. For our last issue of Bitchslap Magazine we put Sem Rubio up to the task; here’s his own distinctive Frame of Reference for BS #29.

“St Denis” a Film by Phil Evans starring Denis Lynn

What happens when you grow up too fast?

Carl Krull’s Paintings are rated 9 on Richter scale

The body of seismographic works will be exhibited at Hans Alf Gallery April 7th till May 5th.

“Goodbye Horses”

An experimental Snowboarding short with dreamlike feel in the fascinating landscapes of Kyrgyzstan.

Vans’ “Spinning Away”

Tyson Peterson, Kyle Walker and Chima Ferguson going at it heavy.

Korua Shapes’ OTTO 157

Otto 157 is not a german gang member's graffiti tag, but a new board by Korua Shapes, with bottoms as red as your girlfriends Louis'.

Ace & Tate “Me, myself & I”

Showcasing personalities behind the frames.

Dannie Carlsen’s Mahalo SG Colorway Tour

Apple's pros get a danish finish

“Fleur” by Lucas Beaufort

"I’ve been painting across Bangkok, Koh Samui, Melbourne and Maldives in February and March 2018 to spread my colorful vision of the world."

Lui Hill’s second Single is the only Thing you should keep on repeat

Damped mood with a positive outlook, "Revolver" wants you to break the cycle.