I’ve been warned about the awesomeness of The Flaming Lips. But through my initial skepticism over their latest record (Oczy Mlody) and the bands previous collaborations, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the cold Wednesday night in VEGA. But all my doubts were gone the moment I saw his face. I locked eyes with the frontman, Wayne Coyne, before he entered the stage. The pure happiness in his eyes and the honest smile assured me that I’m in good hands.

Couple amazing songs started the night – “Race For The Prize”, “Yoshimi… Part 1” and tour title “There Should Be Unicorns”. CO2 effects, glorious light effects and over-the-top production expanded the horizons of imagination. Have you ever wanted to see two and half meters tall aliens dancing on the stage with a walking miniature of the Sun? Welcome to The Flaming Lips. Have you ever wanted to see an artist ride a unicorn or crowd-surf in a human hamster-ball? Welcome to the world of Wayne Coyne.

But it’s not only the costumes and production that justify the 65€ price tag. The Flaming Lips are a legendary band, which they do not hesitate to acknowledge. Their cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is spot-on. So when they decide to carry the banner of Major Tom and make it their own, no one raises a question. “How?”, the slogan track of the album (“Legalize it, every drug right now”), has a bass so strong that the vibe is now a part of me forever. “The W.A.N.D.” comes with a guitar riff so strong and distinctive from the rest of the show that it has the crowd jumping. “A Spoonful Weighs A Ton” is a melancholic ballad that circles up the spectrum of emotion.

The two hours long show was an experience and I’m finding confetti in my pockets even a day after the show. It was a spectacle that left the audience in a state of epiphany. It’s not different from the feeling one gets after leaving a church and Pastor Wayne Coyne took care of everyone. His service about the correct colour of unicorn eyes was unforgettable. In case you wondered, it’s purple.

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