The name Evan White has the same number of letters as Chet Faker. Evan White makes music as Vandelux and just released a new single called “Bright Lights”. The song has a vibe like Chet’s album Built On Glass. Coincidence? I think not.

Vandelux is a Canadian producer currently making music in San Francisco. He is famous on SoundCloud for his beats that often combine jazzy vibes with triphop. But until now, we didn’t get to enjoy his voice. “Bright Lights” is a new playground for Evan as he both sings and writes his own lyrics.

And it sounds astonishing! The keys and the synths work in perfect harmony. Although they will make your body groove, don’t get fooled – we’re not in for a happy ride. All he sings about is anxiety and lying. Sorry, romantic souls.

“Bright Lights” is a funky and downtempo tune, the type of song that got Chet Faker into the spotlight, and Vandelux can easily follow his footsteps as the genre still remains quite unexplored. You can dive deep into the fading emotions and take yourself away into a hazy dream.

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