Feelings that make you emotional but evaporate as they reach the surface. Having a constant sense of an ending. Dné calls these moments “semi feelings” and his debut album is dedicated to their omnipresence.

But couple years ago, it seemed like the album might never happen. Creative blocks were a big obstacle. Not believing he can put together ten good tracks, he was very close to giving up on music. Then he decided to go back to his comfort zone and focused on creating piano melodies.

Five years later, he delivers ten tracks, each painting a unique scenery. The imagery starts with song titles. “Asos Model Crush” is the thought before you fall asleep. “Reality Swallows Pusheen Cats” is what hits you upon waking up. But you won’t remember having these emotions in a weeks’ time.

While piano characterizes the record, dné also utilizes hand clapping as an instrument in its own way. Occasionally an acoustic guitar or drums come into the picture to add depth. All in all, every tone seems carefully crafted. The tight-knit melodies will make you feel like a character in Kazuo Ishiguro’s books.

In the environment of Czech music, where everyone seems to copy what works in the mainstream, dné stands out. While finding his own way, he discovered an exciting sound — one that hasn’t come out of Czech Republic in a long while. Stream the full album here.

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