I’m not going to advocate for smoking in bed. It’s dangerous. But you’re going to at least imagine having a fag while listening to Cigarettes After Sex. It’s music for beautiful people in intimate scenarios. Cigarette smoke and kissing sounds fill the air, the lights are out.

“K” is their most erotic song to date. No more hiding behind metaphors. Greg Gonzalez, the band’s frontman, recalls the moment when his relationship took a turn. One look and an open relationship became serious. He’s  seriously appreciating her body, style and even the fact they can be together.

Cigarettes After Sex play “K” just like any of their other songs. The shoegaze inspired dream-pop is likely to be the slowest thing in your music library. But there is no need to hurry as Gonzalez’s vocal is on the same wave. Just like honey, it’s sweet and sirupy. Your heart will melt.

Currently, they’re touring Europe before the release of their first full-length album. There will be a sold-out show at Beta2300 on the 7th of December. Those of you lucky to have a ticket can get in the mood. And those who don’t – repent and light another cigarette.

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