If you push as fast as Dennis Busenitz 10 years must go by pretty fast. Dennis pushes so fast that Brad Staba claimed “The German cheated” after losing to him in the Death Race at Cph Pro several years back. I reckon he just pushed faster – although to be honest I didn’t see the race. I think it might have been the same time that stripper was coming out of that cake. Had to be there I guess.

So to celebrate Dennis kicking ass all over the globe while wearing adidas Skateboarding shoes we’re all going to Munich to get hammered in a beerstube (can’t wait) and adi are releasing some shoes. No lie, his pro model shoe is dumb-cumfy, but right now I’m wearing bare feet because our office has floor heating. That’s right. Heated floors. Actually I’m lying, it’s fucking freezing up here and someone told me to call Julie about it. I’m wearing a jacket.

Below is a look at the 10 year anniversary double pack of footwear and a peeker at the trailer for his documentary ‘Up To Speed’ available November 14.





Last but not least, the trailer for the documentary about the legend Up To Speed – The Story of Dennis Busenitz, is releasing as part of the celebrations.

The premiere will be available to the public worldwide from Monday, November 14 on adidas skateboarding’s Youtube channel and the shoes are available for purchase now at all decent skate retailers.