Noise rock doesn’t need to be inaudible to be loud. So if you like bold guitars but despise the muffled vocals of bands like Perfect Pussy, turn your eyes toward Copenhagen. A local trio Alpha Male is going to fulfill your needs for rock so much you’re gonna sign along – Yeah!

Paw, Joachim and August have been around for a while already. Beside supporting their favorite band Cheatahs in January, their portfolio also has a handful of singles. What you can hear on Yeah is a polished noise rock with a hint of 90’s and shoegaze. Just like a well shaken cocktail, the song is enjoyable from start to finish and the reverb vocals top it like a fancy umbrella.

The chorus is a fit for the radios. Pushing the speed limit on the highway while shouting along will most likely be the theme of a music video. Guys are definitely aiming high with the arena sound. Selling out London’s O2 is still couple years ahead but with singles like these, the future is bright.

Artist: Alpha Male
Song: Yeah
Photo: Simon Caspersen
Rating: 5/6

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