In her latest animation, “Find True Love“, Californian illustrator Victoria Vincent clearly and succinctly sums up a dispiriting modern dilemma that many of us are all-too-familiar with: dating via the internet.

Following the stream-of-consciousness of a guy attempting to initiate contact with someone he finds on a dating site, Victoria humorously captures the cringe-inducing social awkwardness of online dating. The behaviors of the character could reflect the embarrassing reality of any number of romantic situations one finds themselves in these days, though: obsessing over what the length of time between SMS’s means, obsessing over the nuances of emoji use and what a particular smiley conveys, obsessing over a quickly encroaching existential dread and a potential future of loneliness and isolation…

“Despite the anonymity that the internet grants its users, there is still anxiety that comes with trying to connect with people online”, Victoria explains. “We google questions we don’t know how to ask other people and face anxiety over sending/receiving messages. It’s something that I think every internet user can relate to.” Impersonal platforms largely removed from social reality still hold a firm grip on our egos, potentially alleviating our boredom at the sake of our self-worth. Even those who consider themselves socially satisfied or in some semblance of a “relationship” may still nonetheless turn to google to confirm or assuage their crippling self-doubts on dreary and despondent nights alone.

However, as Victoria also knows, pizza can help with the pain.

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