Frame of Reference exposes skateboarders’ unique perception of urban spaces from the viewpoint of internationally recognized skateboard photographers on their local turf. For our last issue of Bitchslap Magazine we put Ramon Zuliani up to the task; here’s his own distinctive Frame of Reference for BS #26.

Venice - frame of reference

Ramon Zuliani lives a short drive from Venice, Italy and was introduced to his world of photography when he entered his father’s two-by-two meter darkroom in the late ’90s. He closed the door and never left. His images are “stolen” and fixed on film from different circumstances he finds himself in on his travels, with friends and on the streets. Having worked with various Italian and European skate titles, we’re now proud to share his work for Frame of Reference.



Marcello Pettenuzzo – Speedy BS smith up the stair

In Italy, not only in big cities, but in every small town there is at least one church, often more, and mostly Catholic. Each one of them reflects in some way the town where they were built. Next to this church there’s a modern square with marble flooring and huge iron planters full of plants and flowers. This spot is very often difficult to skate during the day, because of priests, guardians and the police headquarters right in front of it. We have been kicked several times from this spot and risked being fined many times. The best option, although the riskiest, was to go there at night.




Alvin Francescato – 50/50 pop out

Along a busy road that leads to Venice, but immersed in the plains and surrounded by greenery, there’s this tall, difficult flatbar; the ground is rough concrete and full of holes. The inhabitants and the passersby stopped to see what was happening. Some came down from their cars, jamming the traffic; others opened the windows of their houses and watched bewildered. Many shouted at us to leave, some applauded, and others asked us why we ride skateboards. Those who saw the situation from the outside would have thought it was a scene from a movie. Immediately after getting the trick, we had little time to unmount the flash, get in the car and drive away before the police showed up.




Marco Busatto – FS Ballride

This is an unusual spot hidden in a small fishing village near Venezia. There is no explanation as to why this giant iron ball was placed there. It’s a raw and difficult spot to skate, inside the parking lot of this old building from the late ’80s with almost futuristic architecture, fully painted in various shades of yellow – now abandoned and fallen into disrepair.

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